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About Phil Kiene

Phil Kiene is a Creative Director, Cinematographer, Editor, Producer, and the Founder of the multimedia production company, Phatt Features.


His passion for multimedia ignited while studying at the University of Brighton, England where he shot, directed, and edited a handful of short films and promotional videos for businesses around England's South East. Phil has since relocated to Brooklyn, New York where his studio is currently located.


Phil conceives and brings to life short-form interviews, commercials, event videos, music videos, and more for artists, brands, non-profit organizations, and other creative individuals. He is also a professional photographer, documenting events and showcases his perspective through architecture, nature, products, fashion, and design.

Phil is Czech/American and lived in The Czech Republic, France, The Bahamas, Washington DC, and England. He currently lives in New York City. This multicultural trajectory persistently cultivates the visuals that spark emotion in his audience. 

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