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2020 Times Square Valentine Heart
Love In Times Square 2020
Rogue Women LA
The Real California Milk Accelerator PT. 2
The Real California Milk Accelerator PT. 1
LIFT Summit 2019 
Eagle Genomics - USA Launch
Design Pavilion - 2019
Taste Of Times Square - 2019
VentureFuel - Rogue Women
SPRING/BREAK Art Show 2019
2019 Valentine Heart: X
Love In Time Square 2019
Lime-S 3.0 - NYC
Times Square Arts X The Lot Radio
Mel Chin: Wake & Unmoored
"Love In Times Square 2018"
"Window To The Heart"
SevenOnSeven.ART Conference
"We Were Strangers Once Too"
FeB 2017 Midnight Moment by Alex Da Corte
"Times of Silence" by Aimée García Marrero
Midnight Moment July 2015: Eric Dyer
September Midnight Moment: Crystal Caines
September Midnight Moment: Cakes Da Killa
Cosmo x Popular Mechanics 'Break The Code' Event
Geraldo Rivera Interview: The Wrap
Helen Mirren Interview: The Wrap
Stephanie & Dimitri's Wedding
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